My favourite thing about weddings is that no two are alike, because no two couples are alike. Each wedding is an adventure.

My favourite thing about photographing weddings is finding the reflections of the couple’s love in their day – in the expressions on their faces, the places, the details, the people who are important to the them. I love finding the ways each wedding portray the love of the couple who are promising to keep that love alive. I like to think that a couple’s wedding day is what their love looks like – some weddings are like fairytales, some weddings are quiet and unassuming, some weddings are like wild parties – just like some loves are like fairytales, some loves are quiet and unassuming, some loves are like wild parties. None of them are better than the others, just different – and all of them are beautiful.

Aaron and Amy’s love is calm, trusting, considerate, creative and strong, and Aaron and Amy’s wedding was everything that they are. You could see it in Amy’s incredible intricate tattoos and her father’s trademark brown leather drivers cap, in Aaron’s infectious laugh and his guitar-shaped cufflinks from his best man, in the aisle that the wedding party walked (starting at Amy’s parents’ back gate, crossing the road and finishing in the park on the cliff where the ceremony was held, overlooking the ocean and the mud flats). It was in the warmth of the first day of sun after weeks of flooding rain, the Triple J “Like A Version” CD on repeat, the wallpaper in the hallway in Amy’s parents’ home. It was in their eyes, and their friends’ and family’s eyes. It was in their smiles.

Aaron and Amy. In love. Now married. This is what it looked like.