Hi there! I’m Erin, and I am the photographer/social media manager/bookkeeper/all-round ninja behind this little biz! Yes, I work solo from my home office in my pyjamas with my cat at my feet most of the time – despite living walking distance from Brisbane city – and I love it. I can’t believe I’ve managed to build a career out of making new friends, crashing people’s parties and sharing in the best times of their lives.

I’ve always loved recording my own life in pictures, so it was a very natural move for me to start recording special moments for other people too. My photography style is just like me – honest, romantic and real. To me, a picture of a couple laughing at an inside joke, a teary-eyed dad seeing his daughter transform into a bride or a family washing their dog together is worth much more than a staged photograph with perfect poses and perfect smiles – because it’s REAL. I love to capture every moment and every detail – big, small, quiet, joyous, teary and proud. I don’t want to just show up and shoot on the day – I want to meet you for coffee to talk about what you need, I want to be a sounding board for your ideas, and I want you to be completely overjoyed with your photographs. 

My vision is to spread global compassion, acceptance and equality  by documenting and sharing real love stories in a way that is beautiful and honest. We can never have too much love in the world! #loveislove!

About Me

Things I love:

Tea in a huge mug | Cuddling kitties |Fresh passport stamps | Bullet journaling | Getting lost in new cities | Getting lost in Mecca Maxima | Hiphop dancing | Netflix | Cruelty-free beauty | Zero-waste options | Learning new languages | Jacaranda season | Roller skating | Apple products | Korean TV dramas | Mexican food | Winter | 2000s rock bands | Rose gold everything | Chocolate in vast amounts | Marriage equality | Travelling light | Golden hour