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I’m Erin, and I help couples and families hold on to the happiest days of their lives, to one day share their love stories with their children and grandchildren.

The idea of being photographed is stressful. You want to look great, AND capture all the little details you put so much thought into, AND you want the moments to look and feel – and BE – real. For your wedding day, you want to capture all the people who will travel so far to spend the big day with you, AND you want them to look great too, AND you want to capture all the little moments you’ll miss because you’re caught up in the nerves and the wonder of Getting Married. Is that even possible?

Yes, it’s possible. In fact, it’s my passion. I’ve been lucky enough to live my passion since 2011, capturing weddings and couples and families of various sizes and shapes and being inspired by the love and the heart in each of them. I understand how important each wedding guest is to you, how carefully you’ve chosen each tiny detail, and how quickly the special day will fly by you. I understand that you need a great family shot for grandma’s sideboard, but also a beautiful piece of art for a wall in your home. My job is to capture every moment – big, small, quiet, joyous, teary and proud. I love capturing weddings and portraits that really represent you and your love – weddings and portraits that go beyond pretty faces in pretty clothes in a pretty setting. My clients have stories to be told, and look to display their favourite moments in their homes so they can revisit that joy every day.

My little business is just me, my cameras and my computer, so every email, every meeting and every image is personally sent, attended, captured and edited by yours truly. This personal communication is what allows me to better understand you and your partner or family, what makes your love special, and what you want and need from your photographs. I don’t want to just show up and shoot – I want you to trust me, to share your ideas with me, and to be completely overjoyed with the end result.

Once your wedding day or photo session is over, anytime you want to go back and feel it all again, you’ll need only snuggle into the couch, put up your feet and pick up your album. Your images will do the rest.

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I really canโ€™t explain how nice it is to have someone I trust there on my wedding day to photograph all my dreams and make me feel like a million dollars… [We] feel like you were just part of the family.

Amelia & Dylan, married 17.10.15

โ€œYou have done such a beautiful job with our photos and our album, we are so grateful! Thank you! Thank you forever and always!โ€

Ashley & Curtis, married 10.04.16

We are so happy with our wedding photos, we can’t thank you enough Erin! Neither of us are particularly photogenic, so photos were something we were very nervous about leading up to our wedding, but you made us feel so comfortable and at ease. We especially love the candid shots you took – they captured our day perfectly.

Samone & Jarryd, married 14.11.15