Harry and Chantal were on top of the world when they married at Cabarita Headland – literally. Despite having lived on the Tweed my whole life until I moved to Brisbane last year, I didn’t know about this little pocket of Norries Headland. I’m a stay-on-the-path kind of girl, but obviously I need to spend more time ducking under fences and taking the goat trails!

Small weddings like Harry and Chantal’s are always so much fun – no fuss, no frills, just their nearest and dearest, a lot of love and the biggest bridal party I’ve ever seen. Harry’s a lucky man, not just to have married the lovely Chantal but to have so many wonderful friends by his side!

Here are some of my favourite images from their perfect afternoon.

001-ChantalHarry 002-ChantalHarry 003-ChantalHarry 004-ChantalHarry 005-ChantalHarry 006-ChantalHarry 007-ChantalHarry 008-ChantalHarry 009-ChantalHarry012-ChantalHarry 013-ChantalHarry 014-ChantalHarry 015-ChantalHarry 016-ChantalHarry 017-ChantalHarry 018-ChantalHarry 019-ChantalHarry 020-ChantalHarry 021-ChantalHarry 022-ChantalHarry 023-ChantalHarry 024-ChantalHarry 025-ChantalHarry 026-ChantalHarry 027-ChantalHarry 028-ChantalHarry 029-ChantalHarry 030-ChantalHarry032-ChantalHarry 031-ChantalHarry035-ChantalHarry034-ChantalHarry033-ChantalHarry