No matter how prepared you are for your wedding day, you can’t control the weather. That’s a given, but if you have an incredible team on your side like celebrant extraordinaire Chiquita Mitchell and the team from Summergrove Estate, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your dream ceremony if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Danika and Trent were married on a day that started out sunny, but took a swift turn towards rain right before their scheduled ceremony time. While I was photographing Danika and her girls getting primped and perfect before their saunter down the aisle, the Summergrove team and Chiquita had their eyes on the weather radar – they’d already made preparations for a gorgeous indoor ceremony with a view, but they could see a break in the rain ahead. Danika made the call to wait for the rain to pass, her incredible team got to work wiping down chairs as soon as the rain stopped falling and we were treated to a gorgeous ceremony against a breathtaking view of the Tweed Valley, complete with a dramatic stormy sky. Great work, team!

Danika and Trent also made time during their reception to duck out at sunset and capture a few photos of the two of them in the most magical light of the day. Since the clouds stuck around, we had beautiful pink tones in the sky as the sun filtered through. Yet another winning decision from Danika!

I’m so excited to share their images with you.

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