Let’s be honest – I’m not into “posing”. At least, not in the way it conjures up images of wedding photographs from the 80s; stilted, stiff and formal. My style is 100% about real moments and real people – but it never hurts to have a few fail-safe tricks up your sleeve. These tips (in video form above, or written form below) aren’t just good for wedding photos, or for photos in general, but for life in general, and they work for everyone – women, men, young and old. They also come in handy if you’re a  guests who’ll appear in photos at a friend or family member’s wedding, or if you’re going to an event where you know the cameras will be out. And realistically, in 2017 when are there not cameras about?

1. Eat well, sleep well, and drink water leading up to the day

Your skin will glow, your eyes will sparkle and you’ll feel less stressed. If you can do this all the time, then you’ll be glowing, sparkly and less stressed all the time – that’s a win!

2. Watch your posture

For lots of us the idea of all eyes on you is a scary one – but your wedding day to shrink into the background with your body language. Good posture can’t be photoshopped! Well, it can – but it’s time consuming and very difficult – so roll back your shoulders, lift your chin and own your body. I’ve never seen a bride or groom of any shape or size look anything less than radiant on their wedding day, so own it!

3. If it bends, bend it

OK, so maybe this one is kind of photo-specific. Bent limbs look longer, leaner and more comfortable than straight ones – that’s why you always see stars on the red carpet with hands on hips, one leg bent or ankles crossed. You don’t have to go for the full starlet pose, because it feels VERY posey, but do keep your joints a little soft. Hold your arms a little away from your torso – arms flat against your sides will squeeze out flat and make them appear larger. If in doubt, hold your arm slightly behind your body – it might feel a little odd in real life but in camera it looks totally normal – plus anything further from the camera will look smaller than the things closer to it. When it comes to legs, keep your weight on one and bend the other. Generally if your weight is on the leg further from the camera, your bent front leg will look long and lean.


4. Don’t forget your hands

For your hands, think like a Disney Princess. Keep your fingers close but not closed, and if you’re worried about the state of your nails, get a manicure ahead of time. When there are rings to be photographed, there will definitely be photos featuring hands!

5. Cover any areas you’re conscious of

If you feel self-conscious about your arms or your shoulders or anything at all, it’s totally ok to keep it covered. Wedding fashion caters for so many personal styles these days that you can find everything from strapless ball gowns to long-sleeved, high-necked lace numbers.  If you wouldn’t bare it on a normal day, don’t go there on your wedding day. You’ll likely already be feeling tense and emotional, so there’s no need to add to it.

6. Pay attention to your habits
This one is pretty extreme, and I don’t suggest you take it too far – you still want to laugh like yourself, smile like yourself and feel like yourself, or you won’t look like yourself – but it can help to try to become aware of your day-to-day movements. Do you tuck your chin when you laugh? Lots of us do, but it makes for an instant double chin – something to look out for! Do you furrow your brow when you’re thinking, or have what’s casually known as “resting bitch face”? Then you’ll probably look worried or upset in your getting ready photos. Being aware of your habits ahead of the day gives you a change to reset them before the camera captures them – and also possibly avoid or reduce some habitual  wrinkles in the process.

What’s your go-to look good on camera trick? Will you be trying any of these tips out? Let me know if the comments, or tag me in your photo on Instagram – I’d love to see!