I’ve been thinking a lot about what drives me to take pictures lately, and I’ve boiled it down to love. Not just that I love taking pictures (which I do), but that every image I take is ABOUT love – the love of a couple saying “I do”, the love of a family spending time together, even when I snap a crappy photo of my cat, the driving force is love.

This shoot could not have been more about love.

Jenny is 16, a talented artistic skater, a high school student and a cancer patient. That last part might be the motivation for our shoot, but it’s certainly not something that defines this gorgeous girl – she is positive, strong and determined, and everyone in her life loves her fiercely. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to donate an afternoon of my time to spend making Jenny feel as loved as she is.

Gown wizardress extraordinaire Begitta was the driving force behind this shoot – she opened her Burleigh office to our little team, arranged for Jenny to choose three of her custom couture gowns, spoiled Jenny with Jaime’s delicious treats while Dead Gorgeous Cosmetics did her makeup to perfection, and then pinned and primped Jenny while we took a series of images of her feeling like a QUEEN. The idea was to show Jenny how she looks through her friends and family’s eyes and give her something to remind her how beautiful she is while she’s fighting through the trials of chemo and radiation and surgeries. All the indoor shots you see below were captured in Begitta’s beautiful studio, and the outdoor location was the stunning Tallebudgera creek (though there was a LOT of bluebottle dodging – wear shoes if you plan to visit that area soon!) Jenny rocked it like a pro model, and it was so much fun seeing her accomplice Sara light up each time Jenny appeared in a different frock like a vision from a fairytale.

If you’re keen to help Jenny kick cancer’s butt or to follow her journey visit her GoFundMe page here.