Some girls wouldn’t dream of putting their wedding dress in harm’s way. It’s carefully selected, treated like it’s extremely delicate, worn for one special day with pride and then hung in the cupboard to be a reminder of one of the happiest days of their lives.

Kylie is not one of those girls.

Kylie is an awesomely eclectic mix of rockstar and country girl. When she asked if I’d be interested in helping her trash her wedding dress, I got seriously excited.

Trash the dress sessions don’t have to mean mud, fire and a ruined dress. They’re all about taking something classic and elegant (the dress) and putting it in situations where you wouldn’t normally expect to see it. It’s that contrast of environment and context that makes trash the dress sessions such an awesome opportunity for artistic, unusual and dramatic photos.

Kylie and I headed to a gorgeous property in Numinbah in the Gold Coast Hinterland to hang out with some curious horses, go for a dip in the creek and watch the clouds roll by overhead – in her wedding dress. We had an awesome time, and Kylie’s dress came out pretty much unscathed – just a trip to the dry cleaner’s had it as good as new.