Rhyannon and Tegan are a special kind of sisters – their mum passed away when they were young, so they’ve always stuck close, helping each other through tough moments and celebrating each other’s high points. Now they’re helping each other navigate their own paths through motherhood! I think it’s fate, not coincidence, that they both fell pregnant a few weeks apart, and so special that they decided to celebrate with these special portraits. Rhyannon is a fountain of wonderful advice – she and hubby Clinton already have their gorgeous little boy Tasman, and from watching Tegan and Nicholas with Tasman it’s obvious they’re going to make fantastic parents too.

A quick tip if you love this golden light – we took these pictures bright and early at 6am QLD time, 7am NSW time! In the summer months an early start is the best way to stay cool and comfortable through your photo session, plus there are a lot less onlookers to make you feel uncomfortable, and you don’t have to spend the whole day feeling nervous about having your photo taken!

Congratulations Rhyannon, Clinton, Tasman, Tegan and Nicholas! Your cousins will be so lucky to have each other to grow up alongside, just like the who of you did.