Shooting a fashion show is so different to shooting a wedding – there’s a dedicated media area, and it’s packed with photographers so I like to show up early to stake out my spot – at a wedding I tend to be running all over the place for different vantage points! There are rows upon rows of stage lights, and with events taking place after dark my usual go-to light source, the sun, is not a contributing factor at all.

There are a few similarities too though – once the show starts, there are no second chances. If I miss the shot, that’s it. There are plenty of beautifully dressed people – both those walking down the aisle and those lining it – and their stories are just as interesting to me as those of my clients. I just don’t get to hear them at a fashion show, so I make them up in my head.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival made its triumphant return to Brisbane last week, showcasing our local talent in all fields – design, modelling, events, makeup and hair. I tagged along with my girl Ashleigh from The Blonde Silhouette for the Next Hotels Next Gen show for up-and-coming designers and the McKinneys Jewellers Group show (see Ashleigh’s favs on her blog here) and was blown away by the innovation of Brisbane’s bridal designers!

Rather than having a dedicated bridal fashion show this year, MBFF mixed their bridal gowns into the program for a pop of elegance throughout. If you love what you see, click the designer’s name to follow the beauty back to their website.

I found myself this year, as well as capturing the outfits, trying to capture something of the models too – a portrait that showed more than just the clothes, but a little of their character too. Here I’ll share my favourite bridal pieces from the two nights I was able to attend – I wish I could have seen them all!