Things I have learned from experience about photographing children #74: bribing them with lollies works a treat! (Pardon my pun…)

If you’re planning on having a portrait session (any kind of session – not just a family shoot), I can’t recommend enough having your session at a location that means something to you. The Griffiths are from Brisbane, but they have a holiday home near this beach and spend their happiest days together jumping off sand dunes, chasing after Pip the Dog, and generally being the most adorable family ever.

That makes these photos extra-special – they’re not just a record of how the boys looked as kids and how they connected as a family in January of the year 2012 (although that stuff is super-important too), they’re also little photographic time-capsule portals to some of the most wonderful days of their lives (like sands through the hourglass… Quick! Queue the music!) when the kids built forts atop the sand dunes and buried each other under sandcastles.

Having the Griffiths’ family portrait session on this beach made their photos that much more significant. And having your photographs taken somewhere that means something to you will make yours that much more significant too.