Everything, actually. I’m a huge fan of engagement shoots with my wedding clients – they always, always, ALWAYS mean amazing wedding photos ahead. Here’s four reasons your engagement shoot is totally worthwhile. Big thanks to my excellent examples here, the lovely Jasmin and Matt!

1. You’ll get over your camera-shy tendencies long before the Big Day.
It’s rare that I meet someone with no qualms about being photographed – more often than not I hear “we hate having our photo taken.” I hear you! But after every session, I hear this over and over instead: “that was actually fun!” and “that was nowhere near as bad as I thought.” Couples who have an engagement shoot don’t take that fear of being photographed into their wedding day – and one less thing to worry about is ALWAYS a good thing on the Big Day. The more camera-shy you (or your partner) are, the more you can benefit from an engagement shoot.


2. You’ll already know how I roll.
My photographic style is very chilled – I place you and your other half somewhere in a scene and get you talking and laughing and being totally real. If you’ve had an engagement session, you’ll go into your wedding photos knowing exactly what to expect and how to rock it. If you’ve had an engagement session with another photographer that’s totally cool too! Just remember that we might have totally different approaches, so there’s no one-size-fits-all option here. Jasmin and Matt had another engagement shoot done when they were visiting Hawaii early this year, and they tell me it was VERY different to our shoot on the beach in Wurtulla – much more formal, and much less fun. There’s a feather in my cap!


3. We’ll get to know each other better.
Queue the Barry White! Really though, the more I know about you the more “YOU” I can pack into your photos. Your engagement shoot gives us a great chance to chat throughout the photo process – I’ll learn about the tw
o of you, how you interact, what you like to do together. You’ll learn a bit about me too – my sense of humour and how excited I get when I capture a shot that looks exactly how I envisioned in my head (sometimes there’s even dancing). When we “get” each other, we’ll also “get” better photos. You’ll also have a much better idea of how spending almost a whole day with me on the wedding day will feel – it’s important that we have a similar vibe!

4. You’ll have some fantastic photos of yourselves!
I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been with my man Chris for over 10 years now and most of our photos together are selfies – usually when we’re all dressed up for someone else’s special occasion. How often do we have a chance to get photos of us that are just about us? Obviously not very often! I’d guess it’s the same for most couples – but here’s your chance. Whether you want to share them with everyone or keep them for yourselves; or e
ven use them on handy wedding things like save the date cards, invitations, reception decorations, guest books and more – you’ll have an excellent record of the two of you. On a side note – I love to make engagement shoots happen in special places if at all possible! Jasmin and Matt chose a beach close to home, one of Matt’s best-kept surfing secrets. A couple of years ago I captured the lovely Jenna and James at the West End markets – one of their Sunday morning traditions. If the location means something special to you, the photos will mean even more. That’s a win!

Now for a little more about Jasmin and Matt – they chose to theme their engagement shoot around the idea of a prince and princess, since Jasmin is a big Disney fan. Despite her name giving allusions to Aladdin, she wanted to rock a mermaid-inspired gown – can you believe she found this one on eBay?! We chose a late afternoon timeslot to give us plenty of soft, golden sunshine, and Matt’s surfer-lore knowledge led us to this practically-empty stretch of sand at Wurtulla on the Sunshine Coast – nice and close to home for the Mooloolaba-based couple.

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