I’m posting this in mid-July, which is smack in the middle of winter, and this week has seen daytime temperatures around 19-23 degrees in Brisbane. While we definitely have distinct ‘wedding seasons’ in Australia in autumn and spring, the Aussie winter wedding is a much overlooked and underrated option. Check out the video above, or read on to find out why I love winter weddings in our south-east Queensland climate.

1. You don’t have to worry about sweat and humidity.

Sweat can ruin your hair and makeup, leave sweat marks on your clothes and make the boys especially very uncomfortable in full suits – but in winter, everyone gets to be comfortable. It’s really not that cold around here in winter, even in the evenings! Plus it opens up some really adorable shrug, shawl and bolero fashion options for the ladies.

2. You’ll have more dates, venues and vendors available to you.
April/May and September/October Saturdays are so popular and competitive that lots of dates, venues and vendors book out more than a year in advance. Not everyone will be free, of course, but you’re likely to have more options to choose from in the less-busy winter months.

3. Bridal portrait locations will be far less busy than in warmer seasons.
Beaches, parks, forests and gardens will be less populated since lots of holiday-makers and explorers will be keeping warm at home instead, which means less eyes looking on while you have your model moment, and more photo options because of more access to the areas!

4. The weather is likely to be lovely.
Don’t get me wrong, it can still rain at any time of year (and it usually does in the early weeks of June, especially that NSW Queens Birthday weekend!) but in general, there’s a lot less rainfall through winter – and the sun is warming, but it has a lot less bite. If you’re fair-skinned like me though, you can still get sunburned!

There are a couple of differences to keep in mind when planning a winter wedding too – mainly the sunset time being much earlier, which will affect the timing of your ceremony, bridal portraits and reception start time. At the moment sunset is right after 5pm, so if you plan your ceremony for too late in the day, there may not be enough light left to capture natural light bridal party portraits.

On the flip side, if you’re keen on sunset photos (let’s face it, who isn’t?!) you won’t have to slip out of your reception halfway through dinner to snap them – you can capture those babies in your bridal portrait session, and the sun will be long gone by the time you’re sitting down to dinner. It’s a win-win!