Romantic, Timeless, Real

My pictures are about bringing people together – two people in love, the members of a family, or the people who’ve come to celebrate your special day.
I love to capture the real essence of the people in front of my camera, and I specialise in multicultural weddings and families in a style that is natural, candid and romantic. My vision is for the future generations of your family to cherish your photographs – beyond warming your home and filling your albums, they’ll become part of your family history.

I am based in Brisbane, QLD, and I also service the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Tweed Coast and Byron areas.


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Melody & Tim’s Garden Springtime Sweetheart Shoot

Ah, long-distance love - it's such a romantic concept, but I'm glad we live in the age of technology where staying in touch and sharing our moments is swifter than it was in our parents' era! Melody and Tim are all too familiar with the concept of "love without...
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How Much Time Should We Allow for our Bridal Portraits? No two weddings are the same, and different couples have different priorities - which is what makes weddings exciting! If your wedding portraits are a big priority for you or if you’d like to display them in your home as art, then you’ll...
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Macrame & Unicorns: Boho Rustic Styled Shoot

Do you believe in unicorns? I might, after this styled wedding shoot! Bringing together the whimsical vibes of the macrame arbor and the classic rustic country setting and details, this shoot is designed to inspire those who dream of a festival wedding, Californian...
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What To Do if it Rains on Your Wedding Day It doesn't matter how much planning and preparation you put in, sometimes it just rains - and sadly the weather has no regard for your wedding plans. But don't let a chance of rain get you down! Water falling from the sky won't change how...
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Cherylyn & Siang’s Brisbane City South Bank Sweetheart Shoot

My heart really goes out to couples whose work keeps them apart most of the time, but Cherylyn and Siang are proof that distance is not a deal-breaker - and the day they can finally live in the same city again isn't far away! These two met on an archeological dig in...
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